30 for 30 – Space Jam

“They Killed Foghorn Leghorn!” I will always remember the day when I saw childhood hero Foghorn Leghorn get torched like a fillet of the colonel’s finest right there at half court.  I mean, there’s playing hard and then there’s playing HARD. It’s not like Jordan hadn’t encountered this style of play before. The Bad Boy Pistons and Riley’s Knicks had both tried to beat him up to overcome his enormous talents but, hell, they never burnt a mother-clucker!

 This team will go down in the history books as one of the greatest of all time.  From Bill Murray declaring that he doesn’t do defense to Bugs and his magic peptide water and let’s not forget possibly the best dunk of all time – MJ’s ‘Inspector Gadget’ jam for the win.  It was a remarkable comeback.

It’s long overdue but kudos to 30 for 30 for stepping up and finally producing such a stirring account of the game.

One can only hope that ESPN will similarly document some other heroic championship-winning performances that time left behind, such as Scott Howard (aka Teen Wolf) and his Beacon Hills Beavers!



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