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The Life of a Women’s Basketball Player


Hey hey everyone and welcome to my first blog post. I’m happy to be spending some time Downtown and I hope to give you some insight into my life as a professional women’s basketball player. I’ll be covering cover all the glitz and glamour of it… as well as all the not so fun times that we endure.


Just a little background… well I’ll let you google that if you really want to know.


To cut a long story short, I am back in Australia playing in the WNBL for the Dandenong Rangers and loving life. Most days are full of team training sessions, individuals with my coach Mark Wright, weights, running and pilates sessions plus physio to keep the body ticking along.  The rest of the time, I live a fabulous life of drinking coffee at all my favourite cafes and shopping at Chadstone (much to my agent’s displeasure). If anybody needs tips for great coffee in Melbourne, I’m the girl to come to. At present, I am loving Petty Officer in Albert Park and Porgie & Mr Jones in Hawthorn East.


Now, onto the gritty stuff.


The WNBL is a semi-professional league which means that as a team we train in the afternoons. Some girls in our team work a full time 9-5 job and come to training after work. It is truly inspiring the lengths that the majority of the girls in the WNBL go to week in week out to play the sport they love. Not only to play it, but to play it at the highest level in the country and in one of the most well respected leagues in the world.  Sitting in the stands at the Dandenong Basketball Stadium on Stud Rd, or watching the ABC channel on a Saturday afternoon you would never guess that so many girls work a full time job outside of basketball. So next time you’re watching, because I know you are going to tune in after reading this, take some time to admire what these young ladies are accomplishing*.


One story I want to share with you involves something that happened on our last road trip. We were staying at the AIS residence, and there are quite a few moths attracted to the lights around the buildings. Unfortunately, one moth managed to get inside our apartment after we left the door slightly ajar.   Sitting watching the NBL on channel 10, minding our own business last Friday night, a moth started flying around our living room. If you’ve never seen two girls in a small room with a fluttering moth, I will give you the rundown:

  • hysterical screaming
  • random flicking of towels in the direction in which moth is thought to be
  • more screaming
  • running around in circles
  • more screaming
  • random towel flicking thought to have hit said moth

After thinking we had settled the moth invasion (and yes… two girls do think that one moth inside a living room is an invasion) we settle back onto the couch. Another 5-10 minutes pass and said moth reappears flying directly into my roommate’s face (not naming names… but check number 10 for the Dandenong Rangers). This results in even more hysterical screaming, putting her hoodie over her head and pulling the strings so tight that only her eyes are visible and running around in circles. We never did find the moth again but we won our game the next day with number 10 hitting the game winner, so it was evidently not that traumatic for her.


Our next home game is Friday the 15th against the Logan Thunder so get down and check us out. Also, tune into the ABC on Saturday afternoons at 2pm to check out the televised game for the week.


Until next time, you stay classy basketball fans! I’m Jenna O’Hea.


[1] Not me though. I’m a lucky one who gets to drink coffee and go shopping during the day and train at night. Respect my team mates though :)

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Born and raised in a family with two brothers who were basketball fanatics, its no mystery why I also turned out that way! I am currently a member of the Seattle Storm WNBA team after playing three seasons in Los Angeles. In 2010,11 and 13 I was selected as an WNBL All Star Five player and in 2011,12 was also a WNBL Champion. At the 2012 London Olympics I was honoured to represent Australia where we Bronze medaled. During my years in basketball I have learnt more than most about the game we love and I'm looking forward to giving readers an inside look into the glamourous life of a professional women's basketball player!