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ramon-sessionsYou don’t end up on 8 teams in 8 years if you’re one of the more valuable players in the league. That said, you don’t end up on 8 teams in 8 years without some value, either. The scouting report on Ramon Sessions hasn’t changed much since he debuted with the Bucks in 2007. He entered the league as a lightning fast point guard with good size (6-3”, 190), a Rod-Stricklandesque trickbag of finishes around the basket and a shaky jumpshot. All of those still apply, with the label of “defensive turnstile” an unfortunate addition. Googling “ramon sessions defense” produces about 365,000 results – none of which, if the 1st page is anything to go by, are complimentary.

In his first trip to the playoffs in 2012, Ramon Sessions was a living, breathing “Ramon Sessions: Scouting Report.” He flashed his ability to score at the rim but shot poorly overall, eventually taking the long ball entirely out of his repertoire during the Lakers 2nd round series loss to OKC. Over that same period, he was destroyed by a rampant Russell Westbrook. It was a sad finale to a short cameo in Los Angeles. He was traded from Cleveland and came on board for the last 23 regular season games, where he performed admirably, but didn’t do enough to earn another contract – a bad playoff run can quickly burnt any regular season capital earned towards an extension.

Sessions’ road to his 2nd post-season – this post-season – is remarkably similar. Much like in 2011-12, where he was playing a bit role for an awful Cavs’ team before becoming a Laker, he began this season as Darren Collison’s backup in Sacramento.ramon-sessions-sacramentoUpon his trade to Washington in February, both his numbers and the Kings W-L tally were below expectation. Luckily, a repechage opportunity awaited in the nation’s capital. The Wizards were playoff bound and his role, to spell John Wall in their slash and kick system, was a perfect fit.

Ideally, the window to redeem his earlier failed playoff campaign would have remained tight. 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there. That all changed when Wall’s wrist and hand fractured in Game 1. Sessions is now, Wall miraculous recovery or RZA style self-upgrade notwithstanding, Washington’s starting point guard for the remainder of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. His first day on the job – 21 points, 3 of 5 from deep – in Game 2 was impressive, but not enough to get the Wizards over the line.

If Washington are to win Game 3 and advance past the Hawks, they’ll need an even better Wall impersonation than that. For both the Wizards and Sessions himself, this looms as the most important fortnight of his career.


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