The Thick White Line


Melbourne United wing Todd Blanchfield is looking forward to hosting some of his former Townsville team-mates in his new city on Wednesday night.

Blanchfield torched the Crocs on their home floor in Round 1, dropping 29 points including 7/9 from long range.  The 24-year-old admitted to feeling a little anxious ahead of that game but this week, he’s all business.

“Now that we’ve played Townsville in Townsville it kind of takes all of that away,” Blanchfield said.

“I’ll catch up with them after the game but when we step over that white line it’s on.  Nobody’s friends any more. Both teams are out there for one thing and that’s to be able to get the win.”

Blanchfield made the courageous move south during the off-season and, after a 3-0 start, is loving the result of his decision.

“It’s fun basketball to play – everybody’s out there playing for each other. I’m sure it’s fun basketball to be able to watch as well,” he said.

“Everyone’s out there with the same goal and that’s to be able to win. That’s a massive thing for us and we’ve started the season 3-0 so we couldn’t be happier.”

Nonetheless, he’s not taking the Crocs lightly.

“They’ve played some tough teams on the road – they were able to beat Sydney in Sydney and only just lost to Cairn in Cairns.  They’re going to be tough and they’re going to be throwing everything at us.”


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