Real Friends

Last week, Kanye West previewed the track “Real Friends” in the lead up to the February release of his forthcoming album “Swish”.

In line (loosely) with the subject matter of this track, we revisit some touching #RealFriends moments from the pro game.

Hit us up in the comments if you’d like to share your treasured on-court #RealFriends memories.

Kevin McHale:

Stephen Jackson:

Chris Gatling:

Dennis Rodman:

Jeff Van Gundy:

Scottie Pippen:

Terrance Shannon:

Magic Johnson:

Mark Aguire and Amar’e Stoudemire:

Vince Carter:

Morris Peterson Vince Edit

The Chicago Bulls:

Michael Jordan poke 2 edit DT

Sean Marks:

Tim Duncan and Sean Marks

Kevin Garnett:

Latrell Sprewell and Kevin Garnett DT

The Golden State Warriors:

Tim Hardaway Double Tap DT

Joe Ingles:

Joe Ingles and Adam Gibson

Charles Barkley and Rick Mahorn:

Manute Bol Rick Mahorn Charles Barkley DT

Knicks and Magic:

Ultimate Huddle Knicks Magic

and… Antonio Davis:

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2 Responses

  1. Darren McGinty at |

    Paul, that’s not Mark Aguire.

    I love the McHale one (“Get him Larry!”). Classic!

  2. Paul at |

    My bad Darren, looking at it now I don’t really know who it is – got any idea?

    I thought it was Aguire because of the white elbow band on his left arm and what appear to be Converse sneakers:

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