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Music of the Traffic

 NBA FANTASY WEEK 4 As we enter week 4 of Head to Head NBA Fantasy leagues, here’s a new column we hope will become a regular one. This quick primer will help get you ready for the week ahead as the Downtown team listens to the ‘music of the traffic’ and lets you know what last minute moves or adjustments… Read more →

Where The Heart Is

Meet Elena Delle Donne. The 6’5” tall, Delle Donne is an athletic forward phenom who has recently completed her rookie season in the WNBA with the Chicago Sky.  In late September she was named the winner of the WNBA Rookie of the Year Award and it wasn’t even close.   She was the top vote-getter for the 2012/13 WNBA All-Star Game… Read more →

Tanking Time (Philadelphia 76ers)

Proudly presenting a Downtown original: ‘Tanking Time’. A song by Downtown’s own Jack Brown about Brett Brown and the fast-starting Philadelphia 76ers. LYRICS: It’s tanking time There’s no need to be ashamed In Sam Hinkie’s mind It’s best to lose, so good players he’ll trade They should be 0 and 20 Aiming for Andrew Wiggins joy But Brett Brown doesn’t… Read more →

A Moment Of Hesitation

 The cat, as they say, is out of the bag. Former NBA player Sam Young has signed with the Sydney Kings and will quite possibly be on court as soon as next Sunday.  This would have Young in uniform for the Kings just in time for their marquee showdown with the league-leading Perth Wildcats. It appears that the Kings had… Read more →

30 for 30 - Space Jam

“They Killed Foghorn Leghorn!” I will always remember the day when I saw childhood hero Foghorn Leghorn get torched like a fillet of the colonel’s finest right there at half court.  I mean, there’s playing hard and then there’s playing HARD. It’s not like Jordan hadn’t encountered this style of play before. The Bad Boy Pistons and Riley’s Knicks had both… Read more →

Setting The Time

The NBL and the Australian basketball public often whine and complain that the NBL games should revert back to the 48 minute format. Higher scores, they say.  More stats!  The NBA – the world’s premiere basketball league - is currently looking to do the exact opposite. Incoming commissioner, Adam Silver, informally proposed the 40-minute game, along with three minute overtime… Read more →

Tinker Time

Tinker Time

NBA FANTASY: Whether you’re 2-0, 1-1 or 0-2 so far in your head to head league, or you’re in first or last place in your roto league, it’s time to start assessing your squad’s strengths and weaknesses. I’ve already told you not to panic, ( but it’s never too early to start tinkering with your line-up. This is especially true right… Read more →

Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate

If you saw a 20-year old college kid struggling for minutes against veteran NBA players would you criticize him? If the same player went from playing near 20 minutes during preseason to getting almost nothing in the regular season would you keep lobbing barbs his way? Do you believe in giving promising players time and space to develop? If so… Read more →

No More Deliveries!

The NBL Inside Word:   The mentality of the team in the locker room prior to the game was simple: win and move into the top four, lose and slide to the bottom.  The boys were all upset with the performance in Adelaide. The slow start there cost us the win despite a gritty second half comeback. With that in… Read more →