Patty Mills ‘For My People’

Patty Mills is only one win away from achieving a childhood dream - an NBA Championship.

While basketball fans across Australia cheer him on in the NBA Finals, Patty is preparing himself for another exciting venture taking place off the court - the release of his new documentary ‘For My People‘.

According to its website, the film “documents Patty’s professional and private life from traditional dancing on a tiny island in the Torres Strait to playing against the best basketball players in the world.”

“When you talk about giving hope to kids, this has been a tremendous example.  This is not a kid from metropolitan Sydney or metropolitan Melbourne.  It’s an indigenous kid from Canberra who worked his butt off and made it.”

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I like to think that I bring the all-important little man’s perspective to the Downtown crew. The rim may be 10-feet high folks but the court, itself, is at ground level. My one season playing ball on the national scene was back in 2001/02, when I played the vital role of 4th-string PG as a member of the Victoria Titans. Go back and watch the tapes, I’m confident that only Patty Mills outranks me worldwide as an end-of-the-bench towel-waver. This experience, however, gives me the kind of an insight into pro hoops that can only be gained by spending time ‘behind the curtain’. These days I spend most of my spare time squeezing every last cent out of my League Pass subscription. And when I’m not playing, watching, writing about or podcasting about basketball, you’ll find me soundly outplaying all-comers at the fantasy version of the game. Safe to say that if I had a tatoo it would say ‘mum’. But if I had two tatoos, the second one would definitely be of a basketball. Follow me on twitter: @liam_santa

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