Tommy Greer

So You Thought You Knew The Mavs!

  This is a side of the Mavs maybe you didn’t know about. They love to make HORRIBLE parodies and christmas videos! Why Mark Cuban has allowed this to happen I have no idea. The only answer is it’s a power trip thing! and all the while he’s like; “Look fellas, look what I can make Dirk do!” “Thats how… Read more →

Don’t Sleep on the Bogeyman!

Many people questioned the re-signing of Andrew Bogut. Especially to such a lucrative contract that spans over three seasons. Not me however. Mark Jackson and Golden State Warriors should be praising the lord that Bogut decided to re-sign so early. The re-signing of our Aussie big man was a great move for the Warriors organization for a number of reasons…. Read more →

We've Dropped The Ball Big Time!

We’ve Dropped The Ball Big Time!

As a current professional basketball player there is nothing more frustrating than getting asked “Is Andrew Gaze playing this year?” That is not a dig at Andrew, who was my hero growing up and an icon of Australian sport. Without players like Andrew the casual fan would have zero connection left with the game. However the fact we still get… Read more →