Tommy Greer

Soon to be 10 years playing experience in the NBL. Four of those seasons as Captain of the mighty Melbourne Tigers. During my time at the club I have had the opportunity to meet and captain some incredible people and players. Prior to that I spent two years in the States playing college basketball in Georgia and Florida.

I am a self confessed NBA addict (As are you if you frequent our site) which is good, as I’m told admission is the first step. I love writing about the game and giving my often light hearted and obscure take on things!

I hope you enjoy!

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Staying The Course

The NBL Inside Word: There’s no hiding the fact that it has been a really tough week down at Tigerland. After coming off a run where we won 4 out of 5 games, last weekend brought with it our third consecutive loss. The automatic response to a slide like this in most professional sporting teams is to make drastic changes… Read more →

Tigers Learn Lao's Lesson The Hard Way

Tigers Learn Lao’s Lesson The Hard Way

“There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.” Lao Tzu – Ancient Chinese Philosopher   Slightly more serious from me this week! Over the past few days we have been analyzing where we went wrong in our loss to the Crocs. Were we under prepared? Was our effort lacking? Are we not talented enough?  The answers to these questions… Read more →

Pimpin Ponchos

Pimpin Ponchos

We did not say a word, when Swaggy P rolled down the red carpet wearing his ‘I’m a Zebra covered in grape’ blazer and shorts combo. And we stayed mum when we saw him in the locker room sporting his colour-wheel catastrophy! However, call me old fashioned, over the hill or simply out of touch with the young bloods, but… Read more →

NBL - Are We Stat Savvy?

NBL - Are We Stat Savvy?

I have always strongly felt that the NBL should pay serious attention to the way that the NBA is run. We should try to learn from the NBA and improve our league from doing so. I do not believe that we should copy every move they make in an attempt to try and be the NBA as that is simply not possible… Read more →

Fear the Beard…. on Offense!

Fear the Beard…. on Offense!

The Houston Rockets need to book James Harden an extra fare back to OKC so he can pick up his perimeter defense! It’s clear he left it somewhere there a season ago. Maybe on the hall stand with Russell Westbrooks and KD’s friendship bracelets? Those extra baggage charges can really sting these days - he probably had to prioritize and… Read more →

No Soup For You!

No Soup For You!

NBL Inside Word:  The Cairns Taipans rolled into Melbourne on the back-end of one of the worst road trips you will find in the NBL. They departed Cairns on the Wednesday and flew across the country to Perth, which is pretty much the longest trip in the country. They fought hard against the undefeated Wildcats and almost pulled off an… Read more →

Tanking Time (Philadelphia 76ers)

Proudly presenting a Downtown original: ‘Tanking Time’. A song by Downtown’s own Jack Brown about Brett Brown and the fast-starting Philadelphia 76ers. LYRICS: It’s tanking time There’s no need to be ashamed In Sam Hinkie’s mind It’s best to lose, so good players he’ll trade They should be 0 and 20 Aiming for Andrew Wiggins joy But Brett Brown doesn’t… Read more →

30 for 30 - Space Jam

“They Killed Foghorn Leghorn!” I will always remember the day when I saw childhood hero Foghorn Leghorn get torched like a fillet of the colonel’s finest right there at half court.  I mean, there’s playing hard and then there’s playing HARD. It’s not like Jordan hadn’t encountered this style of play before. The Bad Boy Pistons and Riley’s Knicks had both… Read more →

Setting The Time

The NBL and the Australian basketball public often whine and complain that the NBL games should revert back to the 48 minute format. Higher scores, they say.  More stats!  The NBA – the world’s premiere basketball league - is currently looking to do the exact opposite. Incoming commissioner, Adam Silver, informally proposed the 40-minute game, along with three minute overtime… Read more →

No More Deliveries!

The NBL Inside Word:   The mentality of the team in the locker room prior to the game was simple: win and move into the top four, lose and slide to the bottom.  The boys were all upset with the performance in Adelaide. The slow start there cost us the win despite a gritty second half comeback. With that in… Read more →