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NBL Round 1 Winners & Losers

The revamped NBL just kicked off with a five day opening round, an absolute basketball binge for the hungry hoops masses. If you’re at work today with a basketball hangover, we understand. With everything coming thick and fast for almost a week straight, and just two days before the action resumes, ‘Winners & Losers’ is here to break down who… Read more →

Downtown's #HardBall Predictions

Downtown’s #HardBall Predictions

The 2015/16 NBL season projects to be one of the most tightly contested in league history. So much talent squeezed into eight teams, almost all of which possess genuine championship credentials. To conclude our build-up to opening night, here are Downtown’s #HardBall predictions.   TOP 4 (in no particular order)  LIAM SANTAMARIA: Melbourne, Cairns, Illawarra, Perth TOMMY GREER: Melbourne, Perth,… Read more →

NBA Media Day Wrap Up: Dirk Commits, Morris Backflips, Sager Returns and Endless Shenanigans

Nothing brings out the fun side of the NBA – possibly the quirkiest sporting league in existence – quite like media day. We’ve rifled through the clichés and stock standard responses to bring you the good stuff. We’ll get to all things strange and amusing shortly, but first let’s take a look at some of the major storylines to come… Read more →

Talent vs Fit: Can the Stacked Clippers Make it Work?

Talent vs Fit: Can the Stacked Clippers Make it Work?

Remember ‘A Tribe Called Bench’? They were the lineup of Clippers reserves that started pressing their footprint onto games and their faces onto t-shirts. Last season that tribe had members by the name of Austin Rivers, Hedo Turkoglu and Glen Davis – all with PERs in the neighbourhood of 10.5 – and the Clips were about as deep as your childhood paddling… Read more →

Kenyon McNeail: Big City Life

People often tell recently signed 36ers import Kenyon McNeail that Adelaide is a small town. Having grown up in Conway, Arkansas, attended college in Ruston, Louisiana, and spent last year playing in Oliveira de Azeméis – a Portuguese town of 20,000 people – he begs to differ. “I’m from a really small town, and to me this a big city,”… Read more →