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Grizz & Tizz From Way Downtown Podcast: NBL Season Preview

Grizz & Tizz From Way Downtown Episode 51 is now available for download on iTunes. Tommy Greer and Liam Santamaria preview the upcoming NBL season and select their teams most likely to make the Playoffs. The boys play NBL ‘Snakes and Ladders’ by predicting whether or not each time will improve upon their 2013/14 win/loss record and highlight some exciting breakout candidates as well… Read more →

Something to Prove

An NBA player’s career is such a precarious thing. The old adage of ‘you’re only as good as your last game’ rings true in the world of basketball fandom and analysis. Simply, not every player follows the same trajectory and fans are swift to jump off the underperformers and tend to indulge in shortsighted estimations of a player’s value. Team… Read more →

The King and I

Throughout my years of playing in the NBL I had countless opportunities to sit down with some of Australia’s greatest ever players and I was privileged enough over that time to hear a few of their own favourite personal hoops stories. One of the most interesting and entertaining of those storytellers was Mark Worthington. I played two seasons alongside Wortho;… Read more →

Grizz & Tizz From Way Downtown Podcast: Dan Majerle

Grizz & Tizz From Way Downtown Episode 50 is now available for download on iTunes. Tommy Greer and Liam Santamaria are joined in the studio by former NBA All-Star and current Grand Canyon University Head Coach Dan Majerle. The boys chat with Majerle about his first season in the top job at Grand Canyon, the process of recruiting young Australian student-athletes and his celebrated NBA career…. Read more →

Santamaria vs. Ward II: The NBL Season Ahead

The NBL Blitz, the league’s expansion plans and the upcoming NBL season serve as the topics of another interesting email exchange between Liam Santamaria and Roy Ward.   Santamaria: Our first email exchange went down well, Roy Boy, so strap yourself in for round two. Firstly, how have you recovered from the Brisvegas whirlwind?  On the podcast last week I asked Tommy about… Read more →

Old Faces, New Places

Which veterans will help their new teams contend for a title? We’ve seen it frequently over the past decade; veteran players chasing another shot at a title with a new team when they don’t believe their current team can contend. The trend began when Payton and Malone joined Shaq and Kobe on the Lakers in 2003, only that didn’t quite… Read more →

NBA All-Time Bracket: West Semi Finals

NBA All-Time Bracket: West Semi Finals

If you could select any player from any era to construct a starting five for each NBA franchise, which team would win it all? Downtown’s Tommy Greer, Liam Santamaria and Roy Ward snake-drafted 16 NBA franchises, divided them into two brackets (East and West) and randomly assigned their Conference seedings.   Five starters were chosen along with one extra (either a… Read more →

Identity Crisis: Atlanta’s Uncertain Basketball Future

Ugly stereotyping and racial prejudice have seized momentum in the Mike Budenholzer-era of the Atlanta Hawks. Bruce Levenson was the first head on the block when a document laced with distasteful racist connotations was made public. He escaped a public stoning by selling his share of the franchise. Of course, the controversy didn’t stop there when Hawks CEO Steve Koonin… Read more →