Block Party

In Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, Andrew Bogut blocked a Playoff career-high five shots in the Warriors narrow victory.

A block quota of this magnitude was not unexpected given Bogut’s recent history of multiple denials against the H-Town boys:

What was a surprise however, was being informed by basketball Twitter that the last Warriors player to tally 5 blocks in a postseason contest was none other than Mr 13 Inch Vertical himself Chris Mullin, way back in 1989.

Double Surprise? Well, dig a little deeper and you’ll find that Mullin’s teammate in that very game was none other than Manute Bol, who averaged 4.3 blocks per game through the ’88-89 season (Bol only managed 3 in this particular contest, after amassing 18 through a three-game sweep of the Jazz two weeks earlier).

So as a tribute to the late Manute Bol, and The Locker Room’s favourite movie, here is footage of the gentle giant blocking  4 blocks in about as many seconds.

. Block Party. #Quincy #Downing #GregGrant

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