Downtown’s Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Rankings 2015

As we enter the quietest time of the NBA year, you need something to pore over; to captivate your attention.

For those who play in a dynasty or keeper fantasy basketball league, there’s never really an off-season and with the NBA Draft, Summer League and the bulk of Free Agency behind us, we know just about all we’ll know until training camps begin in September.

And so it’s probably time for you to decide which players to keep or to figure out the true value of your roster as you consider your trade options.

Whatever your format, this list should help you decide how to manage your roster heading into next season.

As always, a few house-keeping rules before we delve into the rankings;

1) Value is based on standard 9-category formats (pts, rebs, asts, 3ptm, stls, blks, FG%, FT%, TOs).

2) Age matters. In a keeper format would you rather 4 or 5 more years of CP3 or 10 more years of John Wall? Youth wins out nearly every time.

3) Position scarcity was hardly a factor. You’re keeping Damian Lillard over Victor Oladipo in every format even if there are six PGs ranked higher.

And finally a caveat…

4) These rankings are current as of late July 2015. A lot more will change before the season starts and you will need to adjust accordingly. I’ve tried to address any uncertainty in my comments.

OK, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are my 2015 Dynasty Rankings:

#7 DeMarcus Cousins

#18 Rudy Gobert

#27 Victor Oladipo

#32 DeAndre Jordan

#50 Jabari Parker

#54 D’Angelo Russell

#65 Dante Exum

#76 Hassan Whiteside

#83 Julius Randle

#94 Pau Gasol

Just missed:

Luol Deng, Lou Williams, DeMarre Carroll, Robin Lopez, Trevor Ariza, Kobe Bryant, Justise Winslow, Mario Hezonja, Joe Johnson, Alec Burks.


Author of the article

When you’re introduced to the NBA as a 6 year old in 1984, staying up late to watch Bird, Magic and Dr. J, it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with the game. I became consumed with the Association, and as my own game was developing, I tried to emulate as much as I could at an early age and learn how to play “the right way”. I have memories as a teenager of being glued to Saturday Basketball on TV and spending every spare cent I had on basketball cards and replica jerseys and so began my obsession with NBA knowledge and stats. I played my first season of Fantasy Hoops in 2002, as my serious playing days were slowing down. I now play in 5 or 6 leagues every year. To say I’m obsessed with Fantasy Hoops would be an understatement. To say I love nothing more than sharing my opinion on a player’s value would be entirely accurate, and I guess, the reason why I’m here. Follow me on twitter: @tomhersz @downtownball

3 Responses

  1. Jordan4ever at |


    If percentages were not a factor in a customized h2h points dynasty league, wherw would you rate dwight howard, rajon rondo? Also, if percentages are not a factor, which 3 players would you say tom are steals//sleepers for first draft of a dynasty league? (Assume am building around damian lillard)


  2. Tom Hersz at |

    Hey Jordan4ever - thanks for the message.

    In that kind of format (and I actually commission one), Dwight would rank around 25-30 given his strong playoff run.
    Rondo would struggle to make the top 100 right now given his drop-off last season, but still has top 75 potential if he gets back to 12-13ppg and 8-9apg.

    As for steals for this season, look at Jeff Teague who’s getting better every year, look at Danilo Gallinari who looks great right now, but still has an injury stigma so he could slide and look at Nikola Mirotic who is set for a more prominent role in Chicago this year. I’d also keep an eye on Michael Kidd-Gilchrist who came on strong late last season and may be finally figuring out how to be effective.

  3. Tony at |


    I really which these rankings weren’t images and that they were in text form so I could easily put them into Excel!


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