International Dunk War

July 17, 1999

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Olympic Qualifying Tournament

Argentina vs. USA

Result: 103-72, USA win by 31 points.

Everything went according to script.

Everything except this:

Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan fell victim to an emphatic baseline dunk from 19 year-old Andres Nocioni.

. He was 19 at the time.

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The play was promptly dubbed an Argentine basketball highlight “to last a generation”.

The repercussions, however, were yet to be realised.

Fast forward five years. Nocioni is signed as a free agent by the Bulls. Upon arrival, rather than being welcomed by his NBA brethren, he’s treated like a wanted fugitive. Those he wronged, embarrassed and defamed are finally given the chance to exact their justice.

USA basketball rises as one to meet its common enemy - and it only lands after a dunk in its face:

For real though, we love Nocioni, he played the right way.

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