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Thirteen-year old Last Tear “LT” Poa is a member of Melbourne basketball club the Dandenong Rangers. She recently represented Victoria at the U16 Nationals during her bottom-age season.

She’s not a basketball player though.

She’s a baller.

Possessing a dazzling array of offensive moves, coupled with exceptional vision and a firm grounding in basketball fundamentals, LT is already an established performer at the junior level and an exciting prospect for tomorrow’s women’s game.

Crossovers, step back jumpers, hustle, dimes - LT’s impressive talent at a young age is on full display in the video above.

What that reel doesn’t truly capture however, is her passion for the game.

Workouts every other day, lunchtime ball against the boys, solo sessions in the park - wherever and whenever, she’s out there hooping.And when she’s not, she’s watching - either classic clips on YouTube or in the stands for WNBL, SEABL, Olympic qualifiers and most recently Ben Simmons and LSU.

When asked as to who her favourite players were, LT responded without hesitation: “I’ve only got two, Jamal Crawford and Maddie Garrick.”

Though the influence of Crawford’s style of play is apparent, it’s the behind-the-scenes example set by Opals squad member Garrick that has had a far greater impact on LT’s rapid development.

“Her skill set is nothing like I have ever seen in a female player her age, particularly in Australia,” Garrick said about Poa. “Not only is it her skill package that impresses me, but her attitude about every practice, her desire to improve and challenge herself and others is incredible.”

Garrick, who will play for Melbourne Boomers this season, has been working out with LT during the off-season.

”LT may not realise that what she brings to each session inspires me to get better as well,” Garrick said. “There has been occasions where she has actually taught me moves I’ve never seen before – she makes them look easy.”There is no denying LT is a baller - you see it in her step, her instincts, the comfort she feels out on the court, right through to the support she gives her teammates both on the floor and from the bench.

With tireless support and encouragement from her parents and coaches, it is likely that LT’s game (and her love for the game) will continue to blossom.

And if Crawford’s entire career is any indication, don’t expect LT to tone it down anytime soon. Ballers stay ballin’.

Photography by Marcus Cher (@MarcusCherAU)


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