Dunk Control

Recognising the inevitably of a verbal argument turning into physical violence underpins the case for gun control.  When words aren’t enough, so says the evolutionary text, one or both parties may choose to seek victory by harming the other. A gun, a thing designed for harming others, becomes an option. The easier the access, the more chance a few insults turns into a shootout. Given humanity is hard coded to keep itself alive, this - for all of it - is bad.

When Casey Prather decided to settle his disagreement with AJ Ogilvy with more than stare downs, chest bumps and face pushing, there were no firearms within reach.* The next most damaging alternative, regardless of his views on concealed carry, was where Prather could start. At absolute best, or worst for A.J., he’d win the argument in the second most brutal manner.

He did it.

* This is not to imply he’d have liked or even considered one.


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