A Little Too Perfect

The evening’s basketball once again belonged to the otherworldly Golden State Warriors, who defeated the Durant, Westbrook and Associates for the third time this season.

The W at Oracle has them tied with the Bulls for the longest home winning streak in NBA history, which simply means we’ll be hearing a great deal about the ramifications of a victory in their next home game.

While the Steph Curry Show continued to provide nightly Hard Ticket to Hawaii-grade ridiculousness, Russell Westbrook did find some time and space in the open floor to rise and finish for one of his signature tomahawk throwdowns:

Equal in excellence to Rusty’s nasty finish was the sublime cross court bounce pass thrown by Kevin Durant.

Catching and slinging in one motion, Durant hit his running mate in stride, giving Andrew Bogut no opportunity to establish any meaningful defensive positioning.

This may all seem inconsequential, but had that pass been slightly behind Westbrook, forcing him to slow and gather, the outcome of the play (particularly for Bogut) could have been dramatically different:

Pete Myers will be the first to tell you, sometimes a bad pass makes for a better highlight.

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