The Night the Revolutions Were Televised

A decade ago, the And1 bus rolled through Texas during the production of season five of the And1 Mixtape Tour (presented by Mountain Dew/Crab Juice).

Aboard that bus was a 6-foot-2 high flyer named Taurian Fontenette, a Texas native from the small town of Hitchcock. He performed for And1 under the name Air Up There.

During the open run in Houston, late in the game, AUT did something no one had committed to tape before:

Completing two revolutions prior to dunking a basketball was and remains a big deal.

The players were in disbelief. Kids were re-enacting a feat they could barely comprehend. Some even went as far as to evoke the name of Richard Jefferson. It truly represented a revolution in the art of dunking.

So significant was the play that it completely overshadowed an amusing event that occurred earlier in that very game.

Streetball’s emphasis on humiliation reached new levels just prior to halftime when a defender had his clothing removed mid-game because he just so happened to get a little too close to an alley-oop finish by the soon-to-be-crowned Mr. 720:

Notice in the clip just how resigned the poor man is to the whole shaming process. He seems to understand far better than us exactly what he did to warrant such treatment.

For more dunks, the legend of Taurian Fontenette is preserved on YouTube for generations to come.

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