Champagne and Campaign like an All-Star

Watching the “Sir Lancealot” All-Star video in Tommy Greer’s Everybody needs a little crazy got me thinking.

We’ve all watched as Chris Bosh has become one of the pre-eminent Videobombers in professional sports, but did you know that he started another trend back in late 2007 with the first widely publicised All-Star Voting Video Campaign? If you’ve never seen this, take a look. It’s damn funny.

Since then, several players and teams have tried to replicate his success with their own campaigns.

In 2009/10 Steve Nash tried to make a final push by showing us how “awesome” he was … in his own way:

Kevin Love got a little dramatic and cryptic in his NUMB#RS campaign in 2011:

This year Ty Lawson tried to demonstrate his hard work for the Nuggets both on and off the court:

Kevin Love came back for more with a much more straight forward attempt to convince us of his talent:

DeMarcus Cousins tried his own version with the aide of Sacramento Mayor and former NBA All-Star, Kevin Johnson to win over fans one at a time which was pretty good:

But none have captured voters’ attention as much as Bosh’s until the “Sir Lancealot” effort from the Indiana Pacers’ Lance Stephenson. Check it out again in case you missed it:

Unfortunately voting has now closed and while Stephenson never really had a chance to get voted in as a starter, at least he gave it a shot and garnered some more attention for a better shot at a reserve spot.

Now all that’s left to do is “campaign” to get rid of those hideous sleeved All-Star Game jerseys …. Who’s with me?


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