Baron Davis - The Comeback

Baron Davis and Steve Nash are two of the most candid personalities the NBA has ever seen. Both of them have appeared in countless tounge in cheek commercials and skits over their years in the League. With Steve Nash nearing the end of his illustrious career Baron Davis called on him to be his ‘yoda’, his mentor on his journey back to the NBA. Not since Vanilla Ice announced he was back with a brand new invention have I been more excited for something.

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I have nine years of playing experience in the NBL. Four of those seasons as Captain of the mighty Melbourne Tigers. During my time at the club I have had the opportunity to meet and captain some incredible people and players. Prior to that I spent two years in the States playing college basketball in Georgia and Florida. I am a self confessed NBA addict (As are you if you frequent our site) which is good, as I’m told admission is the first step. I love writing about the game and giving my often light hearted and obscure take on things! I hope you enjoy! Follow me on twitter: @tommygreer10