Sami vs. Kobe HORSE

Somehow you have been afforded this one opportunity to play Kobe in a game of horse. You don’t take it for granted and make sure you get your work in.  Adding a few tough horse shots to your game, you work on the one handed three and the deeeeeep three.

It’s go time….

Uh oh… you forgot one thing: The Black Mamba is the most competitive man alive and he WILL expose your weaknesses.

Just as you began to feel comfortable, Kobe realised that even after this years NBA playoffs you had not been paying enough attention to ‘The Big Fundamental’. He then proceeded to embarrass you by reeling off a barrage of fundamental ‘Mikan drill’ shots to take the victory.

In the end you’re left wishing you paid more attention to your under 12s coach as he preached, “use the glass” and “work on your fundamentals.”

Ah, what could have been!

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