Downtown’s Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Rankings 2014 2.0

In early May we published my Top 100 Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Rankings to help you plan for next season.  Since then we’ve had the NBA Draft, Free Agency in full swing, and just a few major players named LeBron, Pau Gasol, Pierce, Parsons, Lance, Ariza, Deng, Hawes, Jimmer (kidding) moving teams, which will have a ripple effect for Fantasy Purposes.

If you’re in an existing dynasty league, you may draft rookies separately. But if you’re in a partial keeper league or a brand new league (like I am), then you need to be able to evaluate the incoming rookie class alongside those better known to us.

We know Jabari Parker is the most NBA ready in his rookie class, but where does that rank him versus proven fantasy studs?

And what about our own Dante Exum? Sure we’ll all be following his every box score once the season starts, but will you care if he doesn’t fill it every night? You might if you draft him.

Is Chris Bosh really going to get back to his Raptors productivity with the King headed home?

There are a lot of questions right now and while I don’t have all the answers just yet, this should get you thinking and get the conversation started among your league’s GMs.

Once again, a few house-keeping items before we get stuck into the rankings;

1)      Value is based on standard 9-category formats (pts, rebs, asts, 3ptm, stls, blks, FG%, FT%, TOs);

2)      Age matters. In a keeper format would you rather 1 or 2 more years of Kobe or 10-12 more years of Bradley Beal? Youth wins out nearly every time;

3)      Position scarcity was not a big factor. You’re keeping Mike Conley over Klay Thompson in every format even if there are 10 PGs ranked higher; and finally a caveat

4)      These rankings are current as of July 2014. A lot more will change before the season starts and you will need to adjust accordingly. I’ve tried to address any uncertainty in my comments.

Without further ado, my dynasty rankings 2.0 (rookies highlighted in blue).

#4 LeBron James

#16 Damian Lillard

#23 Al Jefferson and #29 Kemba Walker
#23 Al Jefferson and #29 Kemba Walker

#46 Andrew Wiggins

#69 Dante Exum

#77 Nerlens Noel

#85 Kobe Bryant and #86 Dwyane Wade

Just missed:

Dion Waiters, John Henson, Gerald Green, Ben McLemore, Alec Burks, Harrison Barnes, Tim Hardaway Jr, JaVale McGee, Elfrid Payton, Avery Bradley, Robin Lopez


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When you’re introduced to the NBA as a 6 year old in 1984, staying up late to watch Bird, Magic and Dr. J, it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with the game. I became consumed with the Association, and as my own game was developing, I tried to emulate as much as I could at an early age and learn how to play “the right way”. I have memories as a teenager of being glued to Saturday Basketball on TV and spending every spare cent I had on basketball cards and replica jerseys and so began my obsession with NBA knowledge and stats. I played my first season of Fantasy Hoops in 2002, as my serious playing days were slowing down. I now play in 5 or 6 leagues every year. To say I’m obsessed with Fantasy Hoops would be an understatement. To say I love nothing more than sharing my opinion on a player’s value would be entirely accurate, and I guess, the reason why I’m here. Follow me on twitter: @tomhersz @downtownball

7 Responses

  1. Chris Blakemore Eating Cake More. at |

    For dynasty rankings, leans a little too much to current situation.

    IT2 below Brandon Jennings? Jennings may have a starting gig, but he’s a demonstrably worse player than Thomas; something Stan Van seemed all too aware of.

    Trey Burke on the list at all, and Ersan Ilyasova absent? Burke was given a golden opportunity as a rookie and was Austin Rivers-level awful; Ghostface Ilya has been a fantasy super-stud when locked into a starting role. Burke will be a backup by, like, January; Ilyasova is one liberating trade away from being a machine oncemore.

    And Larry Sanders *is* about 60-70 spots too low; or at least 20. Blocks remain scarce as ever, and J-Kidd agitated for the Nets to trade for him. Like Ilyasova, you shouldn’t let one worse-than-the-76ers Bucks season obscure how good his numbers are. He’ll keep the dogs indoors and the fists in the pocket this year.

  2. Josh at |

    Kawhi is way too low. He was top 10 post All-star break last season and top 20 for the season combined on a per game basis and his role and talents will only improve. If you get him in the late 20′s it’s a steal in redraft, let alone dynasty

  3. Tom Hersz at |

    I hear where you’re coming from Josh, but I think you’re inflating his value a bit. He ranked 45th on ESPN’s player rater last year, missed some time due to injury and is still in the Spurs system which does put a cap on value.
    Agree he’s only going to get better, but his two biggest breakout moments have been in the 2013 & 2014 Finals, not in the regular season which is what counts for Fantasy stats.
    Maybe he could be a few spots higher, but until Pop starts letting players loose in the regular season, I’m reserving judgment re top 20 value in all formats. Roto yes, h2h not as much.
    That was my thinking anyway.
    Appreciate the comment though. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous at |

    Drummond, Howard, mcw all way too high.

    No gortat in the top 100?

    Dirk way too low. You’ve way overvalued youth

    Decent list overall

  5. Chaps at |

    very good list! I disagree that you overvalued youth. It’s a Keeper/Dynasty league and its a fantasy marathon, not a sprint. I’m even more agressive than Tom in terms of valuing youth. Sure at first you’re gonna have a head start, but my players are gonna be in their primes while yours will be retired. Besides, when you draft Young, there’s always potential for improvement. You know what you’re getting with an old dog. No potential for improvement.

  6. Jonathan at |

    Just so you know there’s no Aldridge on this list

  7. Tom Hersz at |

    Hey Jonathan,

    Aldridge is right there just outside the top 10 at #11. The ranking reflects his incredible season, someone entering his prime years, but without the youth of some ranked above him.

    Do you agree with that ranking?

    Look out for more Fantasy content on Downtown coming up including my Top 100 redraft rankings due later this week.

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