Keith Fujimoto Likes Brad Lohaus and Blue Edwards


Keith Fujimoto has been at this for a while.

Creator and curator of both the much-loved Oakley & Allen and aptly named Viney Del Negro, Keith has been sharing high-quality basketball content for more than half a decade.

His seemingly relentless hustle recently paid off when he was snapped up by Sports Illustrated to contribute to their as-it-happens highlights account, The Cauldron.

During this same period, Mr. O&A has frequently collaborated with enthusiasts and artists in the basketball community.

Most recently, Keith released a promotional video to support the No Timeouts basketball-themed exhibition in Portland.

The footage, which ranges from the classics to the seldom seen, has been carefully selected and masterfully arranged. The visuals are accompanied by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings performing the Shuggie Otis favourite, “Inspiration Information.”



Over at Oakley & Allen, Keith runs regular quick-fire Q&A sessions with some really excellent people. We thought we’d flip the script and give him the opportunity to speak on this and that for a minute.

Dazzling Dunks or Basketball Bloopers?

What can I say bruh, I’m a sucka for an ill throwdown. But any J.R. Smith-related blooper instantly takes precedence of everything.



Rolando Blackman or Renaldo Balkman?

Balkman solely based on his cult status amongst the P&T (Posting & Toasting community). Shout-out Gian and Seth. However Rolando Blackman cards always displayed an array of fire hairdos.

Larry David or Larry Davidson?

LD hands down. Always and forever. Until forever isn’t forever anymore. Or anymore is any more…but I digress. Larry David. That’s my answer.

Pro-Visions or Fanimations?

Pro-Visions because of their X-Men card vibe (although both kind have an X-Men vibe). My brother had a knack for autographing the player’s name on all those specific cards too. Still dunno why. But if anyone wants a faux auto John Starks jawn, I know we have one lying around somewhere.



Iuzzolino and Harper or Lohaus and Edwards?

Lohaus and Edwards. Those names will forever ring LOLs for a few close friends and I. We had too much fun using that duo in NBA Jam and they just meant so much to my middle school self.



“Nautilus” or “Apache”?

Nautilus, no specific reason. Them drums a lil crispier though IMO.

Tumblr or IG?

Tumblr based on the fact it’s where this shit started…NBA Off-Season, Trey Kerby, The Grand Archives, Fat Shawn Kemp, Got ’Em Coach, Upnorthtrips, Flight Time, to name a few.

I met some amazing folks along the Tumblr ride.

Ludicrously speedy or infectious with the slo-mo?

Infectious with the slo-mo, only because again, I can’t resist a great slo-mo edit. Shit is like a drug. And I like to smoke drugs…if those drugs are slo-mo edits of dunks.

VIs or VIIs?

The VIIs grew on me really quickly. I always wanted the Olympic VIIs, but settled for the later retro’d Bordeaux and Hare. Shits are way too wavy in the comfort department. Shout-out the Infrared 2014 VIs though, my bruh Bahwee gifted them to me and I’m still in awe of those joints.


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